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One Integrated Platform for Student Assessment, Data Management and Teacher Effectiveness

Performance Matters provides one integrated system that addresses the needs of the 21st century school system.  Our customers have access to all mission critical data services for the teachers, administrators and parents through one best in class platform.  Improve service levels for your school system and dramatically reduce costs in the process!  Why wait; contact us today!

Student Assessment:  Imagine a local assessment system that enabled you to administer local student assessments; summatiive, formative and/or interim via the most convenient method for you and your students!  One that provided a wide variety of options for building your tests; whether from existing test banks or expansive item banks aligned to your State and/or Common Core standards.  Performance Matters Student Assessment Management system (SAM) simplifies the complexities of local assessment so that you can focus on instruction.

Educator Support:  Performance Matters, FASTe (Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness) incorporates a comprehensive Dashboard and Analytic platform that supports teachers and leaders on a continuous “formative” basis with actionable information.  As a result, the adults responsible for educating our youth have continuous access to the impact their instruction has had and is having on student learning as well as the instructional strategies and programs that are impacting learning. 

Based on this information, they are connected via FASTe to differentiated resources relevant to their needs and the needs of their students.  FASTe is implemented via a proven framework supported by guiding questions and a PLC process that ensures teachers and leaders have the information and resources they need to have the biggest impact on student learning.

Data Management:  The Performance Matters Data Management System integrates all of the results collected via SAM and FASTe, as well as State, National and 3rd party assessments, student information system (SIS) schedules and a wide variety of other measures.  The result is the most powerful,  comprehensive Educator decision support system on the planet.



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"Everyone talks about providing customer service but Performance Matters lives it."

Kay Drennon, Georgia Education Consultant

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